The Catholic University of America


The Department of Public Safety provides comprehensive programs, including security patrol, escort, transportation, identification and access services, to maintain a safe and secure campus environment that is conducive to learning, working, living and visiting. A staff of trained professionals, including commissioned special police officers, focuses on crime prevention and investigation, safety education, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Services are coordinated closely with federal and local law enforcement agencies. Safety education and awareness programs are conducted for students throughout the academic year. The department works closely with other student life services to implement initiatives to support healthy individual and community living and learning. The department seeks opportunities to partner with students, staff and faculty to achieve the goal of a safe and secure campus.

Public Safety has the primary responsibility for the personal and property safety program for the campus, but may extend services to Theological College, investment properties and leased facilities as determined and approved by executive management.

Contact Information

Public Safety's Webmaster Sharron Faulkner:
Department of Public Safety 202-319-5111 / TTY 202-319-5736
120 Leahy Hall

Members of the Department of Public Safety

  • Thomasine N. Johnson, Associate V.P. for Public Safety & Emergency Management
  • Kim Gregory,  Associate Director & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Barry McCoy, Captain, Administrative Services Officer
  • Charles Callis, Crime Prevention & Training Specialist
  • Sharron D. Faulkner, Office & Support Service Manager
  • Lt. Regina Randolph, 1st Shift Supervisor (Midnight)
  • Lt. Marcus Carr, 2nd Shift Supervisor (Day)
  • Lt. Tippin Christian, 3rd Shift Supervisor (Evening)

Metropolitan Police Department 4th Districts provide police service to The Catholic University of America.
4D is located at 6001 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington DC  20011

Phone: 202 715-7400